It’s fine, white sand and unique landscape is an ideal place for sunbathing and swimming. The islet is registered in the US Navy Coast and geodetic survey as Haycock Island along with three satellite islets. It was taken from the surname of a visiting Judge Teofilo Buslon who came to the former Lianga Bay Logging Company and was invited to grace a wedding and have a salo-salo in the islet.


Coined as the “Lovers Islet”, it is a perfect romantic getaway for couples and a romantic venue for their honeymoon and pre-nuptial pictorials. It has the widest shoreline best for picnics, beach sports and other recreational activities. The islet is good for skiing and surfing when the waves reach 15 to 20ft rough.


A perfect place for swimming, snorkeling and beach-combing. It’s shoreline is a home to a variety of seashells, particularly the little bear conch, locally known as “sikad-sikad”. The islet is also called as “Isla Verde”, formerly a dating place for lovers. It is considered as the shadiest islet due to its coconut trees planted in random on its frontal part.


A long stretched of pure powdery white sands lying idle and naked in the middle of the bluish green sea waters. It is an abode of a number of migratory birds taking refuge on its long stretch of sands after a tedious flight.


It was believed to be an old burial ground of MONAS, a tribe of gigantic sized of people, this explaining why the bones left in the islet before where those of a long legged person.

Others maintained the idea that during the galleon trade of the Spanish time, a vessel was shipwrecked there and same survivors found a shelter in the cave bringing with them gold and old jars.